"We didn't know where to turn for our immigration lawyer until we called the office of Lawyer Ronke Kehinde. Ronke Kehinde's office went right to work for us and got our bundle of joy (Alex) from Nigeria to us in lest than 5 month. When others promised us between 365 - 666 days, she told us she will try her best in getting our son here in a reasonable amount of time. She put the paper work in on June 1st 2009, did all the follow up both here and at the US embassy in Nigeria and got our son to the United state of America on Oct. 20, 2009. To be specific, without any doubt, we would strongly recommend Lawyer Ronke Kehinde, a well mannered Attorney who got results in no time! The best Xmas gift ever anybody could give to us in the whole world!"

Dec 2009 Mr. & Mrs O. (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

"Mrs. Kehinde has done a wonderful job helping me out with my immigration issues. Straightforward, smooth and professional approach without cutting corners. Her law firm may not be famous yet but surely does the job efficiently with personal attention.

M. Olejcek MD."

"I had outstanding experience with Ronke Kehinde Immigration Law Office. Ronke handled my case with expertise and promptness. Since I had experience with large immigration firms in the past, I felt that my issue was handled with a lot of personal care and attention. I would recommend Ronke Kehinde Immigration Law Office to anyone that needs complete immigration solutions."

Daniel Kasic

"I was very impressed by the confidence Ms. Kehinde instilled in her clients. Many of her clients were apprehensive and concerned about exposing themselves.  She was able to comfort them and calmly extract the information necessary from each of them that resulted in a successful outcome.  For this reason I will continue to recommend clients to Ms. Kehinde for assistance with their immigration needs."

Barbara J Conner Lebanon, TN

"From the very beginning I was very comfortable with Ms. Kehinde and she calmed my fears and made me feel at ease. She made me feel like I was her only client and led me through the process. She patiently explained the Immigration requirements and helped me understand what I needed to obtain in order to meet those requirements.  I have recommended her to others and they have also been very pleased."

Tony B. Lebanon, TN

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